Time To Live With Angstbreaker

by Time To Live, Angstbreaker

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released September 9, 2013




.aorte rec. Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine

Hey. We are Oleksiy and Olena and this is our label.

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Track Name: Time To Live - Bang!
Walking down the street
You'll see it me eyes
A little light of fire
Burning from inside
You may think I'm normal
But in my eyes you'll see
I have surprise for you
Ticking inside me

Look in my eyes
And you will see
I'm not that guy
That you might think
I have a bomb
Ticking inside me
Ready to bang
Every time I live

Now I'm on the stage
Burning once again
Going up in flavor
I'm burning down in flames
My bomb has just explode
But in my eyes you'll see
I have another one
Waiting to become free
Track Name: Time To Live - Every New Day Is Another Chance To Change The World
In the evening sun goes down
One more day passes by
Sitting behind the horizon
Wasted to the end
It's time to think of what's done
And what is said
And it's only choice you have
To meet a new day

Starring at the sun
Thinking what is done
One more hasty day
Going its own way
Throwing bricks nowhere
Trying to hit aim
Leaving part of life
In the passing day

Maybe tomorrow or someday
This all will end
But you'll never know
If it will be your own end
Or everything will stop
And you're watching sun goes down
Taking light away
One more chance to change the world
In the brand new day

Tomorrow brings us the new day
The earth spins in its old way
It's easy to lose yourself in it all
To become a part of one big fall
Track Name: Time To Live - Carousel Of Life
Everything is changing
You cannot see faces
Only black holes
Only white traces
Going in circles
Living like a blind
You cannot see
What you're leaving behind
Another day
Another tomorrow
But all is the same
Because your life is borrowed
Having no future
You became blind
Now you don't care
What you're leaving behind

Riding on carousel of life
Seems like there is no reason why
You are doing another try
To catch the tail
Of passing time

You're just a screw
In this circling system
But don't underrate
The fact of your existence
Going in circles
Open your eyes
Try making steps left
And making steps right
The future is now
Feel the breath of tomorrow
Now you have the reason
For going on forward
All that you've left
Will stand like mountain behind
Building the future
Is the reason of life


Track Name: Time To Live - Living My Dream
With eyes wide open
With shining mind
I live for my dream
It gives me power every night
My dream is simple
My dream is wise
My dream is everything
I have inside

Living my dream!

My dream is simple
My dream is wise
I wanna people live in world
Where nobody's scared inside
I struggle for it
To be alive
I share my dream with world
I hope it'll never die

This is how
I wanna see it
This is how
I wanna feel it
This is how I live my life

The day will come
My dream will come true
And everybody in the world
Will share my point of view
This sounds fairy
But hope inside
It makes me go forward
I'm sure it'll never die

Live your dream!
You gotta feel it
Live your dream!
You gotta see it
Leave your dream
You gotta feel it
This is how we live our lives
Track Name: Time To Live - Personality Suicide
Right in the morning first thing you will do
Wine about your life and people around you
Wine about taxes, prices going high
Don't have much money, don't have much time

Don't trust your neighbors, suspect everyone
Think they are stupid when they have fun
World that you live in is full of complaints
From all colors you pick only grey

Personality suicide
When you just exist
But actually not alive
When you don't wanna stay
Though you can't take it all away
Living one big lie
When you think it's real
But it's empty inside
When you don't wanna stay
Though you can't take it all away

You want just leave this country
Think somewhere they have a better life
Don't want change anything inside you
Not giving a shit you just closed your eyes

You say we are all corrupted
But you are also giving bribes
You say no one cares about you
Still hate others and think it's fine
Track Name: Angstbreaker - Gone
My friend,
what happened to you?
(how) have you forgotten
the passion we shared
and the spirit we created?
We travelled along
until a few days ago
but now I cannot understand
what you say.

This story started long ago.
So many things have changed.
Now it feels so far away.
A bitter taste of reality.

I hear your voice,
I see your face
but I can't recognize the friend
I met years ago.
I hear your words,
I see you talk,
and I can't move,
I can't fucking breathe.

There was a time
when we sticked together.
We walked our path
and lived our dreams.
Conceiving ideas,
inspiring each other,
no limitations,
the future was bright.

It ended over night,
we lost what we got.
I wanted to turn my back
on you and all that shit.
But I said Good-Bye,
wishing you all the best.
No reason to disrespect
the last dozen years.

Don't forget that time, it's still a part of you!
No regrets, no regrets!
I won't forget that time, it's still a part of me!
No regrets, no regrets!
I will keep up the spirit, I will move along.
No regrets, no regrets!
Running headfirst, and the heart is still beating.
No regrets! Go!
Track Name: Angstbreaker - We Must Share
Fuck your corporate patents
you use 'em to protect
the ruling status quo.

Liberate all knowledge!

You try to criminalize
all people who don't support
your longtime copyrights.

Liberate all knowledge!

"But like all power,
there are those who
want to keep it
for themselves." [1]
Don't try to hold us back,
we'll take a step forward.
Heading towards
real equality!

You put those under pressure
who break your fucking walls.
You strongly misuse your power
to keep your opponents down.
You prevent civil progress.
Be sure, we fight back!
You forced laws and acts,
(you) accept harm and death.

"Wanderers in this crazy world,
we have lost a mentor,
a wise elder." [2]
(a wise elder)

We won't allow to bring us down
even if you kill the pioneers.
(the pioneers)

You can't stop us to take a stand,
let us share all information!
Enable change, it's in our hands,
we must share all information!
It's on us to change the system,
let us share all information!
To liberate our societies
we must share all information!

Contains citations from:
[1] Aaron Swartz: http://pcs-records.de/go/abwms1
[2] Tim Berners-Lee: http://pcs-records.de/go/abwms2
Track Name: Angstbreaker - Jövő
What remains when every feeling is gone?
The heart and soul is more dead than alive.
The fire inside will never burn again and
every day is the same, every day like a fake.

Wherever I look, ignorance and fear
are reflected in your eyes and the things you do.
All that hate and sadness hurts me,
I wont go down with you.

When the truth is just a word
and every mouth is lying.
Unity will not be shared
and everyone stands alone.
All dreams and all hope
end in a tragedy.
This is not what we want.
This is not what we are fighting for.
(What is a) life without a vision?
(What is a) life without a dream?

When life and death become a shadow,
there is no difference between evil and good.
Our society is selfish and no one cares
about the other, this is a shame to us.
Track Name: Angstbreaker - Stay Hungry
Oh this is the room you awake everyday,
sun burns in your eyes and you have never missed this pain.

Empty society, emptiness of intentions,
no time for calmness, only time to burn out.

The day is just minutes old and you want to sleep again.
What if you realize your lifestyle could be failed.

Empty society, emptiness of intentions,
no time for calmness, only time to burn out.

Noise is growling in your ear and
crows circle above your head.
No will to stand, no will for change,
no will to live, nothing's left.

Everyone do this way, so it just can´t be wrong.
You follow an image of life but you don´t understand it.

Do what you want and fight for things you love.
Make your own way and give respect to yourself.

Stay hungry for life!
Track Name: Angstbreaker - Don't Come Around
Kids come around and see a show,
music is loud and the beat is slow.

About my generation.

No one cares about your gender,
all folk is dancing in the crowds.

About my generation.

We don't tolerate racist scum.
We don't need you on our side.

About my generation.

Respect and progressive minds,
it works without any fools.

About my generation.

This ain't Tough Guy shit,
nor a smartphone fair.
Of course this is a stage,
you mistake it for a catwalk.

All these fashion victims, all these tattoo models,
they don't care about the songs?

We never accept
any hate or prejudice,
think positive or stay away,
we don't need your ignorance.

Don't come around, please stay away!
Don't come around, stay away!

Have fun, enjoy the music. This is our way!
Let's check the message. This is our way!
Feel the positive vibes. This is our way!
The heart and the soul. This is our way!

Don't come around, please stay away!
Don't come around, stay away!