The Great Beauty

by Southern Radio

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released July 2, 2014




.aorte rec. Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine

Hey. We are Oleksiy and Olena and this is our label.

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Track Name: Hindsight
My eyes followed passing trains
I counted shooting stars so many times
The future is still unknown
But I’ll remember your face after forgetting my own

I’ve got thousand beautiful moments
Flawless stories that I made up
At the night time I open casket of memories
Make me feel sorrow and joy again
Track Name: Sad Black Banners
Feel crowded in empty room
Followed by the rustle beside my back
Grateful for heaving heart
I’d rather go without

My sun doesn’t rise
Hidden under sad black banners
Even in afterlife
Solitude is what you give me

You come with every raindrop
Faint ghost of my dream
Abandon as always
I can feel you under my skin
Track Name: Lone Lands
Stranger’s name on the sand
Forgotten thoughts and forgotten songs
The delicate smell of light
Will you be there when I wake up?

I walk along the seashore
Cold hands and cracked lips
I’ll stay here for awhile
Maybe I’ll meet someone on this deserted coast

Fragile leaves like rusty bones
Shining gold uniform
Parting words stuck in my chest
The most quite and private place
Track Name: The Great Beauty
It’s hard not to notice anguish
That fills everything wherever you are
It may not always been this way
So hard to recall and what’s the point

Light slowly dims
Living half asleep day by day
Without a trace
Beauty slips away though these palms

It may seems that nothing is real here
But you touch love that was once lost
And it starts again like the first time
It becomes clear that all was not in vain